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The complete log4j manual (in PDF format)

The "complete log4j manual" authored by Ceki Gülcü documents version 1.2 of the log4j logging framework. In over 200 pages and dozens of concrete examples, it covers both basic and advanced log4j features.

This is the e-book or PDF version of "The complete manual".

Professional SLF4J/logback support

With professional SLF4J/logback support your enterprise benefits from timely and accurate information whenever the need arises, reducing total ownership costs of deploying software using SLF4J/logback.

SLF4J/logback training

This two day course covers the SLF4J API as well as the main logback components. At the end of this course, participants will have good understanding of SLF4J and logback logging frameworks. They will able to adapt existing logback components or develop new components to meet their enterprise's needs.