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In a nutshell, or Quality Open Software, is a software design and development company based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Our company has experience building mission-critical enterprise software using the Java language. We are also founding contributors of several open source projects, namely log4j, slf4j, mistletoe, cal10n and logback.

Building reliable software

Most businesses find it difficult to build applications within schedule and budget. It is not always easy to combine the required skills to properly design, build, test and maintain software. You need to choose among various frameworks, development tools or group collaboration software. These decisions have a profound impact on the development process, whereby it becomes critical that team members are trained to properly utilize these tools.

Based on our past experiences, we can help you find answers to these difficult questions and improve both the pace and quality of your development process.

We offer competitive business terms designed to uphold your interests. If you would like find more about how we could collaborate in building your enterprise software, please do not hesitate to contact us.